Intersport TV Spot featuring John Brito´s Animations is On Air

November 06, 2008

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The first of two tv spots featuring a sport coach and John Brito´s animations goes on air.

The spot is part of a mix of an online and tv campaign created by Dirnberger de Felice for the sporting brand Intersport.
The tv spots advert online clips featuring sporting coaches from Intersport who work as a teaser for the content provided on the brand´s website, In both tv spots, the presenter mentions a problem that may come up while using the wrong skiing equipment.
To visualize the problem, John Brito´s animations of skiing stick figures get in trouble during their presence on screen.
View more information regarding the spot and download the commercial in the multimedia section.
Client: Intersport
Advertising Agency: Dirnberger de Felice
Production Company: Sabotage Films
Producer: Melanie Pfaffstaller

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